We have been working diligently on a plan to make reopening as safe and as smooth as possible for our children, staff and families. From daily temperature checks, frequent hand washing, and other health and safety measures, we will ensure that we adhere to the Department of Health and CDC’s guidelines. In additional to ensuring the safety of everyone, our staff is also ready to give our students the love, support, guidance, and education that they need to have a successful school year.

Social involvement is just as important as academics. Here at The Coconut Grove, we take pride in knowing that our students experience the best of both worlds. We allow and foster social relations and bonds with their peers. Throughout the school year and during the summer months, we visit and experience many different age appropriate attractions. Some of which are trips to the movies, local parks, museums, circus, and nature walks. This year we will be working on incorporating virtual experiences into our program.

Our girls enjoy spa days, making fun arts and craft projects, and bonding while in the Pinkalicious Club. Many of our older girls get to spend one on one time with our director. This year the girls enjoyed having breakfast together at a restaurant and then visiting Launch Trampoline Park. All of the girls received a gift bag and had loads of fun.

Check out our boys playing retro arcade games. There was Pac-Man, Rampage, and Galaga to name a few. They had a great time. A few adults even enjoy a few of the games. In addition to the arcade games, our boys enjoy sports, table top games, playing uno cards, and African dance and drumming.